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Preparing for Your Visit

At Monterey Park Hospital, we want to make the day of your procedure go as smoothly as possible. Please review the information in this section, and also any pre-registration information you have. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To download a checklist to help you know what to bring to the hospital, please click here.

What to Bring:

On the day of your procedure, please bring the following:

ID (driver's license, passport, or visa)
Insurance card(s), or Medicare/Medi-Cal cards, if applicable
Physician orders and any other paperwork the physician's office may have given you
Authorization for the procedure, if applicable
Copay/deductible, if applicable
Current medications

General Reminders:

Please leave your jewelry, money, and other valuables at home.
Please take a shower the night before and the morning of your procedure with anti-bacterial soap. Please do not apply lotion, perfume or deodorant.
Bring a case for your eyeglasses/contact lenses or dentures, if needed.
Advise your physician of any allergies you may have or medications you are taking.
You must plan to have a ride home; you will not be allowed to drive yourself.

The Night Before Your Procedure

Please follow these important guidelines:
Do not smoke, eat, or drink anything including water, candy, or chewing gum ­for the specified time before your surgery, as instructed by our pre-admitting nurse or doctor's office.
You may brush your teeth or have a sip of water to take your regular medication. If you eat or drink anything by mistake, call your physician or the Surgery Department 626-300-0255 before coming to the hospital.
Notify your doctor if you become ill; develop a cold, persistent cough, or fever; or note any changes in your condition.
Go to bed early so you are rested for your procedure.

The Day of Procedure

Arrival Time
It is important that you arrive at the time set by your physician. If your physician did not specify a time to arrive, please arrive at least two hours prior to your scheduled procedure.

Please go directly to the front desk of the hospital to check in and register.

Remember you will not be allowed to drive yourself home after a procedure, please make arrangements for someone to drop you off and pick you up once you are ready to go home.

Monterey Park Hospital provides free transportation within a 10-mile radius to and from the hospital. For more information, please call 626-300-0273, this service must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Free parking is available in the patient and visitor lot in front of the hospital.

If you would like family and friends nearby, they may relax in the front lobby, the cafeteria, or the outside patio area. Televisions are located in the front lobby and cafeteria. Children's entertainment tables are located in the front lobby.

For a complete list of hospital amenities, click here

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital.

Please remind family and friends that visitors are not allowed in the recovery room. Each procedure and patients health condition determines the length of time a patient will stay in the hospital.

We appreciate the trust you have given us in providing your medical care. If there is other information we can provide you that will help you feel more comfortable before your procedure, please contact us.
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