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Garfield Medical Center Stroke Awareness Community Event 10-5-2023

Garfield Medical Center recently held a fun "Lunch & Learn" about stroke awareness. This fun and informative event sought to give instruction about the signs and symptoms of a stroke. Visitors included members of the local community, hospital staff, and paramedics and firefighters coming from nearby fire departments.

Speakers such as Dr. Andrew Schnure and Dr. Arthur Chou explained the latest techniques and technology being employed by Garfield Medical Center. Garfield has been designated a Primary Stroke Center and it is experiencing tremendous success through its methods. These speakers also stressed how important it is to seek immediate treatment at the first signs of a stroke. Visitors learned that an easy way to remember what symptoms to look for by remembering the phrase BE FAST:

Balance (Is the patient having difficulty standing?)
Eyes (Is the patient having difficulty focusing their vision?)
Face (Is one side of the patient's face drooping?)
Arm (Is their numbness in the patient's arm or leg?)
Speech (Is the patient slurring their speech?)
Time (If the above apply, time is of the essence - call 911!)

Visitors also heard from representatives from Medtronics and about the incredible treatments and innovations being developed in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
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