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Subacute Services

Greater El Monte Community Hospital has committed itself to search for new ways to provide appropriate and cost-effective medical care for patients who have complex medical care needs due to a catastrophic illness or injury. In the past, many of these patients were cared for in expensive acute care units due to the unavailability of more appropriate placement options. The gap between acute care and skilled nursing care can be bridged by the Subacute Unit at Greater El Monte Community Hospital.

What is a subacute unit?

The Subacute unit is a designated area in an acute care hospital that cares for patients who require complex medical technology and support to sustain life. Our goal is to help each patient achieve the best quality of life and the highest level of functioning possible.

How much does it cost?

Subacute units may be more cost-effective than traditional acute care beds because beneficiary coverage is maximized through more efficient usage of resources. Our subacute unit accept most payers, including Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Who can be admitted?

Our Subacute unit specializes in caring for patients who have:
Multiple trauma, including head and/or spinal cord injury
Multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Post-surgical orthopedic skilled care needs, including: respiratory support, ventilator dependency, tracheostomies and/or feeding tubes
Pre- and post-rehabilitation needs, including: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and wound care

The Interdisciplinary Team Members

Each resident has a multi-disciplinary care team including: a social worker, an activities director, a clinical director (a registered nurse), a medical director (subacute specialty physician), a respiratory therapist, a physical therapist, and a pharmacist and nutritionist. Every patient treated in our subacute unit is approached with compassion and dignity. Families are considered an integral part of the health care team and are kept up-to-date through monthly team conferences Resident Council Meetings.

Our Mission

Greater El Monte Community Hospital is dedicated to developing alternative methods of care for patients with complex medical needs, and this dedication stems from the belief that medically complex patients have unique care needs that cannot always be met in a traditional acute care unit. These needs include provisions of therapy and emotional support and development of an individualized care plan by a comprehensive and caring medical team.

Staffing for subacute units is slightly lower than acute care, yet is higher than the staffing for skilled nursing facilities. This allows our caregivers to devote the time necessary to care for those patients who have more intensive medical social needs. Our goal is to maximize improvement for each patient and to provide support for the entire family.
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