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The Birthing Center

Welcome to the Birthing Center at Greater El Monte Community Hospital.

Please call 626-350-7918 to request a tour and learn about the hospital and the team who will be taking care of you.

We offer the following services

Normal delivery
Cesarean Section
Post Partum Tubal Ligation
NST- Non Stress Test
OB Ultrasound
Newborn care
Breast Feeding/Lactation Education
Offering TDAP vaccine to mothers to protect their babies.
1st hepatitis immunization.
Newborn Hearing screen
Newborn Screen testing
Birthing Suites

The birthing suites at Greater El Monte Community Hospital were designed for comfort while mom is in labor and transitions into the delivery stage. Your delivery will happen all in the same room.

Private & large rooms
Private restroom
Roll away bed provided to labor partner
2 people supporting your birth allowed in the room (age 14 & up)

Hospital Amenities

Birth certificates and Baby's Social Security Processed On Site
Vending Machines
Free Wifi
Free Parking
Celebration Meal for you and your birthing partner
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