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Wound Care Services

Advanced Wound Healing

What is a chronic wound?

The human body has a remarkable ability to heal after an injury or illness. However, there are times that wounds do not heal as they should. There are approximately 6 million Americans with wounds which are healing slowly or not at all. These patients experience prolonged pain, discouragement, frustration, isolation and a diminished quality of life.

Many factors contribute to delayed wound healing including diabetes, infection, compromised blood flow, poor nutrition and unrelieved pressure.

The Rehabilitation Department of Whittier Hospital Medical Center provides advanced wound care services which can help to promote wound healing.

This care is provided by a wound specialist certified by the American Academy of Wound Management.

Our services are provided by physician referral only and we work with the physician to assure that all of the patient's needs are attended to. The physician is provided with a comprehensive report of the initial evaluation and regular progress reports. We will request the physician review and sign the treatment plan.

What types of wounds do we treat?

Frequently treated wounds include:

diabetic foot ulcers
pressure ulcers
wounds related to radiation therapy
non healing surgical sites
chronic delayed healing wounds

What types of services are available?

comprehensive evaluation which may include sensory testing, vascular testing, ABI, gait assessment, manual muscle testing
sharp and mechanical debridement of non viable tissue
electrotherapeutic modalities for wound healing
advanced wound dressings
complete rehabilitation services to promote optimal function and pain management
nutritional assessment and education
diabetic education

May we help you?

The management of chronic wounds presents a challenge to your practice. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in meeting the challenge. Please contact us for information or to refer a patient.

Wound Care Service
Whittier Hospital Medical Center
15111 Whittier Blvd. Suite 350
Whittier, CA 90603

Phone: 562.464.6336
FAX: 562.464.6314

Please note, our Out Patient Rehabilitation Services Department is adjacent to the hospital.
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