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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Children's Center for Specialized Care?

A: The Children's Center is a unit within Whittier Hospital that has been designed to care for children who are too ill or technologically dependent to receive care at home. Our patients demand 24/7 care. This unit is typically classified as a Pediatric Sub-Acute Unit.

Q: What types of medical conditions are used to determine admission?

A: A wide range of diagnoses and medical conditions such as birth abnormalities, coma, congenital diseases, GT Tube dependent, developmental disabilities, diabetes, neuromuscular degenerative conditions, prematurity, respiratory diseases, spinal cord and head injuries, tracheotomy care and ventilator dependence.

Q: Who takes care of the children in the Center?

A: Our treatment teams consist of specially-trained pediatric sub-acute specialists, including RNs, pediatric nurse assistants, respiratory, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, and child-life specialists. In addition, we have special education teachers as well as language and speech pathologists. Our medical team is comprised of pediatric long term specialists who consult with the team as necessary under the direction of our medical director who is board certified in pediatrics and critical care.

Q: Do you prepare a treatment plan for my child?

A: Yes. After we visit with the child and family and our medical team, we will prepare an individual health care plan to address each child's specific problems and requirements. The team meets regularly to review the treatment plan and to evaluate each child's progress, making adjustments as necessary.

Q: How much attention will my child receive?

A: We treat each patient like they were our own and share this passion with our families and peers. We believe each child is unique and is care for as unique individuals. Our treatment for each child is highly specialized for each child's medical, personal and emotional needs. We also believe the family plays the most significant role in the treatment team to achieve the maximum medical and emotional potential for the child.

Q: Is the Children's Center a dedicated unit of the hospital?

A: Yes. Our patient environment is designed for children, with brightly colored rooms, advanced group work spaces and a pleasant home-like setting. Colorful artwork, a private outdoor play area and other environmental stimulation encourage our patients to participate in activities to the extent they are able. The fact that our unit is within an acute care hospital allows us to access acute care services as necessary, providing an extra level of comfort for the family.

For more information or if your questions haven't been answered, please contact the Director of the Peds Sub Acute Unit by calling 562.907.1791 or the Social Services office at 562.907.1621.
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