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After Your Surgery

After surgery, your hospital stay will depend on the type of procedure you had.

Outpatient procedures allow the patient to go home shortly after surgery.
Inpatient surgery recovery times will vary.
You will receive postoperative instructions from your physician or nurse before leaving the hospital.
A responsible adult must drive you home; you will not be allowed to drive yourself. Do not drive for 24-hours following surgery.
Arrange for an adult to stay at home with you for the first 24 hours following surgery.
Do not consume any alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following surgery or while taking pain medication.
Do not take any medication not prescribed by your physician for 24 hours following your surgery.
If your surgery requires extended hospitalization, you will go to your assigned room after surgery.

If you need assistance after discharge from the Outpatient Surgery Department, please call 562.907.7293, or call your physician.

Within 72 hours following surgery, you will receive a telephone call from an Outpatient Surgery nurse who will ask how you are doing. The nurse will also answer questions related to your postoperative discharge instructions.
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