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Seton Center For Advanced Wound Care

Open since 1987, the Seton Center for Advanced Wound Care is the most established and experienced wound care program in the Bay Area. Our interdisciplinary team of experts offers an aggressive and innovative treatment approach to heal complex wounds.

"The Seton Center for Advanced Wound Care healed my wound quickly so I could get back into a prosthesis and walk again. The staff is consistent, friendly, make me feel welcome, and I would never consider going anywhere else."

-78-year-old male with bilateral below knee amputations

Some of the state of the art treatments we offer include:

Skin substitutes
Skin grafting
Debridement, which is tissue removal to encourage healing
Revascularization, a procedure that re-establishes blood flow
Infection control
Compression therapy

Types of Wounds We Treat

We have expertise in treating of all kinds of wounds, including complex and rare conditions. Some of the types of wounds that our expert staff can treat include:

Pressure ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcers/infections
Venous ulcers
Post-operative wound infections
Traumatic wounds
Bone infections
Radiation wounds
Bone implant infections

New Patients: What to Expect

Our program operates by appointment, and we are often able to schedule your initial visit within a week of your call. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time to register and fill out paperwork. Bring a list of all your allergies and medications along with your insurance card.

1. Your first exam will include an in-depth assessment by a nurse and physician to understand your wound.
2. This assessment may include blood work, imaging scans and vascular studies, which examine any damage to your veins and arteries.
3. After your initial consult, we will design a specialized treatment plan to heal the wound as quickly as possible. You will most likely have weekly appointments with a physician, and a nurse case manager will help handle your care.
4. New Patient Questionnaire

Please note: We accept most insurance plans, however some may require pre-authorization.
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