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Language Assistance

Patients/surrogate decision makers of AHMC Seton Medical Center who are limited English proficient, and those who are deaf or hearing impaired, shall have interpreter services provided to them in their preferred language or method during the delivery of significant healthcare services. Interpreter services are available to all inpatients and outpatients, and are to be utilized as needed when contacting patients outside of the hospital setting. All language assistance services are provided at no cost to the patient.

Política de servicios de asistencia para interpretación de idiomas y para interpretación para personas con discapacidades auditivas
Patakaran sa Pagsasalin ng Wika at mga Serbisyong Tulong sa may Kapansanan sa Pandinig

AHMC Seton Medical Center provides language interpreter services via telephone which are provided by Language Line. Dual handset telephones are available for use during interpretation to facilitate three-way conversation.

AHMC Seton Medical Center also offers remote online video interpretation via computer tablet in various languages, as well as video interpretation for patients who are deaf or hearing impaired. These services are provided by Stratus. The online application establishes an audio-video conferencing session with a remote interpreter. Pole-mounted computer tablets are dedicated to video interpretation for in-patient and out-patient use and are available in most departments. A pole-mounted computer tablet is available in the PBX department for check out for those departments who do not have a unit.

Teletypewriter (TTY) equipment is available for those who are deaf or hearing impaired. Dry erase communication boards are available for hearing impaired patients/visitors who choose to communicate in writing, and can be issued to other communication impaired patients/visitors as well. The boards cannot be thoroughly disinfected and are single use items which are not to be shared between patients. Patients are welcome to keep them at discharge; if not, they are to be discarded. The boards contain metal and come equipped with magnets, and are not to be taken into the MRI scanner.

On-site language and deaf or hearing impaired interpretation is available upon advance request.

Signs shall be posted in the Emergency Department and patient registration areas to indicate that interpreter services are available.

Types of encounters and procedures, which may require interpretation, include, but are not limited to:

Explaining patient rights and responsibilities,
Obtaining financial and insurance information,
Obtaining informed consent,
Explaining the use of seclusion or restraints,
Discussing Advanced Directives, and
Discussing end of life decisions.
Interpretation by hospital employees is limited to casual conversation. For interpretation of the encounters and procedures listed above, employees are to obtain language assistance services.

Interpretation by family is limited to casual conversation. Family may interpret for the situations listed above only when the patient has been notified of the available interpretive services and refuses their utilization.
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