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Heart Center

At AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, we take great pride in the cardiovascular care and services we offer to our heart patients.

Our Heart Center has a dedicated cardiovascular service line within the hospital. Our staff, along with our physicians have specialized training to care for the specific needs of our cardiac patients. Whether you are coming to the hospital for a simple test or are undergoing open-heart surgery, all of your needs will be met by the dedicated team working in our Heart Center. We understand the importance of preventive measures and taking early action to avoid or reduce the risk of heart disease, but the Heart Center can also respond quickly to sudden situations that may require emergency surgery or testing.

At AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center our Cardiovascular service line provides our patients with complete and comprehensive care. We have many services which include:

A wide spectrum of state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies
Treatment facilitated by evidence-based medicine
Utilization of leading therapies
Highly trained specialists
Education by experienced nurses
Support services ranging from risk factor identification, screening, rehabilitation, and the heart failure clinic support

Why AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center?

At AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, not only can you expect to receive high-quality medical care, treatment, and attention from some of the best cardiac surgeons and doctors in California, but you will also be able to take advantage of the many services provided at the Heart Center, such as access to community outreach programs, nursing units devoted specifically to heart patients, access to state-of-the-art technology, an entire unit dedicated exclusively to women's heart health, and access to rehabilitation and recovery services.

For more information about the Heart Center or about our Heart Services, please call: the Cardiology Department at (714) 999-3951

Cardiovascular Services at Anaheim Regional Medical Center

Diagnostic Services
Cardiovascular Disease Management
FREE Tobacco Cessation Program
Women's Heart Center -- Heart Matters
Vascular Services


Diagnostic Services

Cardiovascular Disease Management

FREE Tobacco Cessation Program

Women's Heart Center

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