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Picture of a front view shot- AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center. There is some palm trees, flowers, and a flag pole with The American Flag on it.

About Anaheim Regional Medical Center

Since 1958, Anaheim Regional Medical Center has been serving the community. We are proud of our reputation as a large community hospital able to provide complex services.

At ARMC, our team is committed to providing excellent health services and medical care to our patients. We ensure all aspects of our patients' care are addressed in a responsive, considerate and compassionate environment, resulting in a positive health care experience.

Quick Facts about Anaheim Regional Medical Center

223 Beds
1,200 Employees
600+ Doctors
44,000 patients visit the Emergency Department annually
Physicians, nurses, and staff all meet the high standards required for a position at Anaheim Regional Medical Center
Our Heart Center is one of the only two cardiac receiving centers in North Orange County
We perform the second largest volume of open heart surgeries in Orange County
We have the only Safe Place in Orange County.


AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center is located in Anaheim, California at 1111 W. La Palma Avenue. To see a map or to get directions, please click here.

AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center offers complimentary valet parking.

Meet the Physicians

There are nearly 600 physicians practicing at AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, all of whom are board certified or are qualified in 35 specialty areas.

To find a doctor by name or medical specialty, click here to search our online directory of hospital staff doctors.

For more information about Anaheim Regional Medical Center please call: (714) 774-1450

Anaheim Regional Medical Center
1111 W. La Palma Ave Anaheim, CA 92801

Patient Satisfaction

At Anaheim Regional Medical Center (formerly known as Anaheim Memorial Medical Center), we service the communities of North Orange County with compassionate and quality care since 1958. Our staff members and physicians are dedicated to ensure your satisfaction with your care and services are excellent. We hope you will strongly agree that we are providing you with exceptional service. Please let any of our staff members, or supervisors, know if we can help improve your experience when you are here with us.
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